Awareness – Observation – Disidentification

Once you know your type you can start the work.
Observe you thinking and your actions in the light of your enneatype. You can do this by being still and observing thoughts, sensations and emotions or you can do it keeping a diary or simply paying attention in your daily life.

To bring awareness is already to gain some distance to your mechanisms. Adapt a position of friendly acceptance and curiousity.

This will help you question the beliefs that limit you. You will be able to gain that helpful distance and experience for yourself that you are not your mechanisms. You are then free to rethink your beliefs and to choose more freely how you act and how you interpret events.

The way to accomplish change is always to fully accept and be aware of what is. Then it changes by itself.

Being the observer you are identifying with a deeper aspect of you which is always there. The noise of thought only covers it like the clouds cover the sun. When you are fully present you are going beyond your personality. You no longer believe that you are it, you are merely observing it.

The inner child

The inner child is just a metaphor, but a very useful one. See how you can be a good parent to that inner child. And see how its qualities can guide you.

If you like you can read about your inner child type. (The stress point and the inner child point are those points that are connected to your type by the lines in the enneagram symbol).

An example of how the stress point and the inner child point work respectively could be this:

A type seven in deep trouble is no longer cheerful and optimistic. She feels bitter, unwelcome, exposed, pessimistic, defeated and anxious. She may even become paranoid and think that people do not like her. That is her one stress point.

An integrated, free, seven is playful and present in the here and now. She is content which what is and focused on it, not looking ahead for stimulation or feeling deprived. She knows how to be patient and work things through. That calm, focused and objective aspect is her inner five child.

If you are interested in this work, do not hesitate to contact us.

Question your thinking

Once you have found your type, look at its core beliefs. That which is so close to you, you may not even have questioned it before. Softly and kindly begin noticing how your type determines how you see things and how you react. Observe your thinking and how you treat yourself. What do you tell yourself? Is that which you are telling yourself true? Be kind and interested.

Every type has its favorite thoughts that keep the person repeating the same patterns. Ones ponder over good vs bad behavior. A two worries about whether she will have a loving relationship. Threes obsess over results and miss they are totally worthy without them. Fours miss the beauty that they are and fives imagine that they do not have enough information. Sixes think about know how instead of just trusting they will know when need arises. Sevens run after fun experiences and eights break themselves and others in their strife to become stronger. Nines fall asleep looking for peace.

Each type is suffering from an imaginary shortage. There is and aspect of reality that the person focuses on in order to find fulfillment. The fact is, however, she is looking in the wrong place. If she goes to the right place, namely within herself, here and now, all she ever wanted and needed is right there.

Look deeply into those stressful beliefs and all the thoughts that accompany them. Are they really true? And do they serve you? Or are you ready to let them go?


These habits of thoughts are deeply rooted and they steadily come up anew in different areas of our lives and our thinking. So we may need the help of someone who points them out to us and reminds us. That is what group work and therapy is good for. Especially when the one who helps you is aware of these different patterns in people.

Know what you are

The Enneagram is a guide to those crazy ideas that ego tries to sell us, to keep our attention fixed on that which is not freedom. Knowing your ego, you can distance yourself from it. You have a choice, and you can become understanding, light hearted and kind about it.

The ground for transformation is always a coming home to here and now. To presence. To what is. In a sense every enneatype is a mode of missing that point, of getting lost in dreams and fantasies that take you away from the home you are already living in. And that mode is always a misuse, and overuse, of skills and preferences of that particular personality type. Stuff that can be used for benefit and enjoyment when the person frees herself of that which limits her and keeps her stuck in the egoic mode of operation.

Focusing on that which we are not, that is our ego, our personality, is sometimes helpful. As we gain a healthy distance, and can let go of things that are not essential to us, we begin to connect with our essential nature. It also helps us let go of those patterns that always come up and lead us astray when it comes to being awake.

Meditation and awareness practices are fine complements to the work with the Enneagram. You connect directly with that ground of Being which is your true nature. Each type seems to experience that undivided state slightly differently, but it is undoubtedly the same and it connects all of life, beyond differences on the level of form.