The enneagram symbol has nine points. At each point is a type of personality. The enneatypes are both nine different ego styles, or charcters, and nine talents, or gifts. They can be said to be nine aspects of the human ego, as well as nine aspects of the human soul.

Each one of us has one personality type. That fact does not change, when your grow and mature. What changes is your degree of freedom in relation to you particular tendency. All types can become free, but they will still be the same personality type. The personality, that can become a prison when you are very identified with it, then becomes part of your particular way of expressing love in the world, the instrument that God, which is what you are, uses to make Divine Music heard on earth.

So, if all is one and in the end we all wake up to the same truth, what can knowing the Enneagram add to our lives?

The Enneagram is obviously helpful to understand other people. Knowing how we are different helps us understand the causes of differences and misunderstandings between us.

Reading about the personality types you will surely recognize your loved ones, friends, people at work, clients and possibly also public persons. Keep in mind that it is the deeper mechanism of the type that counts, not the superficial manifestations. Also keep in mind that some personalities are not very common, such as types two, four and five. Type seven and type one are the most common, and there are many of type three.

It is important that we be wary of how difficult it is to know someone else´s type. You alone are the one who can easily know your type, if you are willing to face everything that happens within when you are still and attentive. You can only have a strong or not so strong hypothesis about someone else´s type.

The Enneagram can help us have empathy, cooperate and help others if that is part of our work. Knowing both the motivations and the difficulties of others is helpful. Respectfully guiding and supporting our children can be made easier with the Enneagram.

First and foremost the Enneagram helps you grow and become free. In the end, all of us will wake up to the knowing that we are not this temporary construct of personhood, and not even these temporary vehicles that are our bodies. We are Being itself, Consciousness, Life. We are that which is aware of the body moving and that which observes the games of personality. In this life the Enneagram can help us realize precisely that: We can observe the personality, so we are not it. When we do not identify with our mechanisms, we are already free.

From that perspective it is very helpful to be able to recognize the voice of personality, or ego, and understand that as persuasive at is may be, it is not talking truth.

The Enneagram also points you to the direction which is good for your particular personality. Following the lines between each point you will find the inner child type of each of the enneatypes. We briefly describe how moving in that direction can promote freedom and well being.

Another way of looking at inner work, personal and spiritual, is that it is about good inner cooperation. Conditioning may have caused that inner cooperation to break down, so that the emotional aspect, the so called inner child, is abandoned or in rebellion against the intellectual, adult aspect. Ideally the adult listens and allows and holds emotion, takes the needs of the child into account, and act in ways that are helpful for all parties involved. Presence, balance and loving kindness, are the manifestations of that good inner cooperation.