The Investigator

Type five is a head type, just like types six and seven. If you are a five, you will rely on your ability to stay focused, on your logic and objective mind in your striving to get to the core of things. A five wants to understand things deeply, she does this by consuming as much information on a subject as she possibly can.

To a five it can seem very strange when other types, like for example type seven, prefer to stay on the surface of things. A five is looking for the deepest meaning in the greatest sense. Think of Woody Allen when he tries to figure life out. “What is it is all about?” He wants to believe in something, but his cynical and investigating personality makes it impossible for him to do that. “The Theory of Everything” as Stephen Hawkins, a five, puts it, is what a type five longs for. A five values science highly, not experience. To a five experience is subjective, not objective, so therefor it can not be easily trusted.

A five tries to stay objective because she is looking for facts. She is a natural born scientist who will not get personally attached to opinions or be identified with her point of view. She will try to test theories for herself to see if they are valid. In the midst of a vivid discussion, a five can remain completely calm and objective. She is ever curious about the facts of the matter. She wants the ultimate truth.

If you are a five, you are skeptic. Once you figure something out, you will test it again and sometimes again. You do not want to be fooled, especially not by yourself. You will want to see if you can find proof against whatever you believe in, in order to know if it is really true. This can make the five very negative and cynical refusing to believe in anything. So the basic passion for wisdom and knowledge is the strong drive in a five. She believes it will bring her the beauty, security and understanding of existence she is so deeply yearning for. She longs to see the overall context. And unlike the other head types, it is not about you, or what others think, it is the love of knowledge itself.

The only thing that can make a five feel ill at ease in a discussion, is if she fears she may have gotten to trust something that turns out not to be valid. She dose not want to be clueless, or god forbid stupid or naive. The uneasiness is caused by her great need for the right information, and she immediately feels she has to dig deeper to get to the truth of the matter. A five can also push others to evaluate their information, and this of course can make others feel ill at ease. Her question is “What is the science behind this, what proof have you got”?

We call this type the Investigator, because fives observe, investigate and dig deeply into the topic they are passionate about at the moment. They do this rather than going out into the world and experience it physically.This is what five fears, they want to calculate the risks before taking action. Like a mathematic calculation for the outcome. They want to be on the safe side, and to be safe there will always be a need for more calculation. This can make a five become passive and withdrawn, stuck in her own head, rather than to go and get whatever she dreams of. This passiveness can be great for scientific research. Staying inside the laboratory walls digging deep rather than live life outside of it. Many great artist, writers and painters are also fives. That is another way for a five to search for deeper truth and beauty, and express it.

Experiencing the world directly and physically does not seem like a safe idea, so a five will avoid it until she dares take the step towards integration with her inner eight child. Which, in her case, is towards precisely that: direct, physical experience. When a five avoids going in that direction she can become cynical. It is like she is isolating herself in her ivory tower and refuses to engage with practical realities. She does not see the point to engaging with and does not trust physical reality. She feels a bit above it, being too smart for this world. What the five is avoiding is going towards her inner eight beast, who wants to devour life.

So the inner child is projected out and the five retreats even more into her head. Cynicism can be a way of skipping over the insecurity that comes with physical disengagement.

A five only respects smart people. She idealizes intelligence. She is critical of people who present information with too little foundation to it. She is careful to go the bottom with things and sees herself a thorough.

Many fives have difficulty in reading their environment and feel lacking in social skills. It is like they are so tuned out from emotions that they do not pic up on other peoples emotions and reactions. A five it not that into emotions since she idealizes objectivity to get to the truth. She cuts them off and there for lack the knowledge of others emotions as well.

Some ones, reading and learning about the Enneagram, mistakenly take themselves to be fives, and vice versa. Ones are withdrawn and have a lot of physical integrity just like fives.

The particular trait of searching for the right information is more of a Investigator tendency. Ones are most of the time relying on their gut-feeling and want clear and consistent rules to follow. Fives want security from their head. A five feel like she has a very fragile body, a one feels physically very physically strong and fit.

Fives are merely extremely focused on scientific fact. Ones on old traditions and ceremonies. Both types are worried if they are right. A one fears being judged if she believes she has broken a rule or caused harm to someone. A five if she has acted stupid and been spreading and believing in incorrect theories or information. Fives are driven by fear, not anger like a one, and they are trying to scientifically and dispassionately inform their way to safety. A one controls her body to avoid taking spontaneous actions, a five controls her head.

Type six is supposed to be questioning authorities and their theories but these traits naturally belong to type five.

Privacy and retentiveness

As a five you will have a private space, physical, or at least in your mind, where you feel free to investigate whatever it is you are concentrating on at the moment. This is also the space where you can think about things that have happened and feel the impact fully. In direct here and now experience your own emotions and the energies of other people may feel overwhelming. It is like you always want to withdraw into you’re own sheltered space.

To others, a five may feel a bit bodiless, even like a walking head. Fives give people physical space and they do not like to be invaded or intruded upon. They fear being overwhelmed by the emotions of others, and, at bottom, their own.

With other people, fives speak theoretical knowledge rather than being emotional or share direct experience. What they really love is to talk about the issues they are exploring at the moment. If you are a five you will stay detached in a discussion and you may wonder why others take things so personally. Your interest is not to show who you are or create bonds with people.

In their objectivity, fives can be very direct. They will state clearly that which most others would cover up a bit, to soften the impact. Fives simply do not imagine others will take things personally. Instead they think that others share their interest in finding out what is really happening, the truth of the matter. When that directness causes people to get angry, the incident can evoke a lot of fear and guilt shame in the five. Especially if the person who was offended is someone she cares about.

Fives can be ungenerous towards themselves, and others. It is like it does not feel good and safe to give time, energy or resources out. This retentiveness in the five is really about energetic exchange, and fear. It is as if the five does not trust that interchange will enrich her, bringing her more energy and making her feel safe, but rather the opposite.

When you do not believe that you have enough in terms of energy or knowledge, you do not trust that you have much to offer the world. But when a five dares to give, she does it spontaneously, intensely and with a lot of passion. This can come as a surprise both to herself and to people around her. As a matter of fact, most fives experience a great longing to give and contribute, to really do their purpose in the world. This can create a great inner tension, if she does not act upon it.

Just like types six and seven, type five is a fear type. Fives tend to cut off their physical strength, so logically they feel physically weak and afraid. They will try to solve this thinking their way to security, thus cutting their physical strength off more, and feeling more afraid and vulnerable.

A five avoids action, and being strong. She fears she does not know enough, so being too sure of herself is not ok. And if she acts spontaneously, she fears she will look stupid, like she got it all wrong. So she wants to make sure she has the correct information before taking action. This is a fear of not knowing enough, not being smart enough. Fives may also at times feel superior, looking down at those who act spontaneously, boldly speaking out without enough theoretical knowledge to back their statements up.

Fear in the Investigator is more generalized than in types six and seven. The problem is really that the five does not trust her body, her physical intelligence. It is like she is wanting to put herself above the human experience. She does not want to be rough and tough and bump into things, like her inner eight child who is rough around the edges and throws herself at people, knocking them over. That kind of behavior can make a type five feel very guilty, for she sees it as invasive.

When a five does get in touch with her inner strength, she can get very active and inspired. This may happen when she gets in touch with her body through physical work, or facing emotions that she has resisted. She then feels grounded and she no longer just watches life. She gets in touch with life itself and its infinite wisdom.

If you are a five, the one particular fear that you are likely to feel, is the fear of not knowing enough. That is your sensitive spot and where your basic striving is.

Looking for information

If you are a five, one of the gifts of your type is the endurance and passion to gather great masses of information. You can go so deeply into it that you grasp meanings and see connections that escape the rest of us. No matter what profession or activity, a five goes about it intellectually, like a scientific project.

For fives love to concentrate on one subject and explore it in depth. That subject can even absorb most of the energy and attention of the five, leaving little room for people and socializing. The needs and wants of the body and the heart are put on wait in favor of scientific curiosity.

As a five you trust theory more than direct experience, or instinct. A five in the kitchen will want a book of recipes and fives generally feel safer when they have written instructions to lean on. Many fives like to travel in order to find things out. Just going unprepared is not really five style. Studying the guide book that seems most knowledgeable and objective first, is more like it.

This can make a five become passive and not get out into the world. She may also never feel she has quite enough information to speak up, to give out, or to publish.

Fives are not looking for right or wrong, or to prove their point. They are out to see every bit of information and connect the dots. Even when arguing a strong opinion, it is not about being right, but about wanting to know the facts. Fives are not impressed by authority and do not look at who presents the information, but at the research itself, to see if it is trustworthy.

Being a passive type (just like types four and nine), a five can find it hard get started and do stuff. Especially to get around to reaching out and giving her gifts to the world. Many fives talk about a resistance to taking action. In order to feel good, a five needs to do her thing. If not, she may get stuck in shame about wasting her gifts, and resentment towards others who seem to take their space effortlessly (and shamelessly).

A good recipe for a five is to just go out there and do it. That way she will build up trust and realize she already knows enough. And she will access her strength, integrating her inner eight energy.

Embodiment and giving your energy 

Knowing that you are a five can help you become free. Understanding your pattern will make you see how your passive observer position keeps you from fully getting into life, body and soul.

You will be able to see through your tendency to retain and protect yourself from interference staying in your head, rather than getting down into you body and out into the world.

If you are a five, the direction of integration is toward point eight in the Enneagram. Your inner child aspect is eight. This aspect is within you, you need only listen to it and let it guide you.

These are aspects of type eight that are helpful to you:

– Physical presence. An eight is intensely physical. Her presence is felt by everybody around. She speaks loudly, takes up a lot of space and draws attention to herself. Your inner eight child will like you to be in intense contact with life, through your senses. She will want you to go out there and devour the world.

– Care about the body. Your inner eight is a body type. She experiences the world through her senses and is guided by her gut. This will help you come down into your body, care about it and listen to it. Everything physical is great to create balance. You will want to feel and experience through your body, so that your intellectual aspect is integrated with your physical being.

– Strength. Being strong is key to an eight. This will help you invest and believe in your physical strength. Be the wrestler you were as a kid. Fives will report that sports and challenges that make you strong, and team work where your strength is needed, help them come out of their heads.

– Bravery. Knowing you are strong, you will become brave. You can trust your strong body. You will have what it takes in any situation. You will bring in the resources and you will not be without.

– Go wild. Eights are the wild men and women of the Enneagram. The beasts. You inner child is a little hedonistic brute. It takes what it wants and generously satisfies its own cravings. By the same token, it is generous and spontaneously gives to the whole clan of the abundance she brings in.

– Intensity. The intensity of our inner child will create balance. An eight goes towards the world and wants to be in intense contact with it. This will balance you tendency to make do with little and mind you own business.

– Assertiveness. You inner child does not ask if she knows enough and if it is safe to go forward. She assumes she knows and trusts herself, come what may. This energy will help you come out with your goodies and not hide them in your chamber.

– Be the boss. Take the lead, like an eight does. You will be a great leader. Objective and knowledgeable, strong and fair. Eights see it as their responsibility to lead others, for better or for worse. Suited as you are, it actually is your responsibility.

Fives are scientists. They can gather enough information and be objective enough to see the greater picture. They love to dive deeply into a field of knowledge. When fives are stuck in their pattern they risk becoming withdrawn and stingy.

As a five becomes freer she will integrate her body and her heart. She will trust direct experience more and no longer overvalue theoretical knowledge. She will  listen to her body and trust it. She will give herself generously and tend to the needs of her heart and soul, as well as her brain.

A free five is not afraid of being overwhelmed, for she know she can stand her ground. She can be active and collaborate with others, contributing her special capacity to be objective and get an overview that can be the basis for fruitful action. That way she gets that interchange going, the giving and receiving that enrich your life and make you feel needed and useful.

On the deepest level a five must fall down into the experience of being omniscience. She knows. She is knowing. There is no limit to her knowing, for it is the knowing of life itself, of that which has no limits.



4 Responses to “Type 5”

  1. Famelovernot Says:

    This is really good. Loads of good insight. I am type five am in a relationship with a type seven. Both profiles have validated a lot of what I see and pointed out many of the issues we have with each other. I will probably read and reread these profiles looking to see what I can make benifit of.

    1. Good to hear that it has helped you <3.

  2. Knowledge Universe Says:

    I’m shook. This is an indeed very good article. Beautifully written and pointed out a few things which I have not seen before from the 50+ pages I have read on the type.
    Thanks for sharing
    I’m a type 4 by the way.

    1. Hi there. thank you so lovely to hear! There has over the years become some mixed up information between the types. We have tried to clear up some missunderstandings and mixups between the types 🙂 <3.

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