The Aesthete

Type four is an emotional type, and this is often obvious to everyone around. Fours show their own emotions with ease and naturalness and are unafraid and accepting of other peoples emotions. A four enjoys situations where she can be near someone who is genuinely emotional, and she is not afraid of emotional intensity at all.

Fours intuitively understand human emotion and what is going on between people. They are also very clear, and sincere, about their own feelings and motivations. A four may sometimes be passive in social interaction, but never unaware of what is going on emotionally.

Looking for beauty

If you are a four you will be capable in practical matters and generally positive and good humored. However, when you get the chance to focus on your emotions, especially sadness, you will like to keep your focus there. The risk is you get stuck in that preference for sadness.

Being a four you will find sadness, sorrow and grief beautiful and rewarding.  And if you are not so well balanced you may indulge a lot in those feeling states and become heavy and passive. Fours who do can be quite self destructive, in ways that do not look beautiful to others, but it does to the four. It is like the four is playing a beautiful game with life and death.

Fours idealize death and envy the dead, finding death more beautiful than this flat life. This relationship to death is hard for other types to relate to. Things that seem dark and frightening, or even destructive to many, will seems beautiful to a four. Sad emotions, loss, darkness and death, are favorite themes. This is true of fours who are living out the more destructive aspect of this type, caring little for their own safety, and just as true of fours who are cheerful and content.

We call type four the Aesthete because fours idealize beauty. And their gift is the eye for beauty and the ability to create beauty and give it out into the world.  Fours who are happy are often dedicated to creating beautiful things in one way or the other, and giving it as gifts of love. If you are a four you probably asked yourself sometimes how come people do not appreciate beauty the way you do.

Fours sometimes think of themselves as experts on good taste. Especially when a four gets stuck in the passive stance of admiring and dreaming rather than creating she can get stuck. It is like she is a work of art herself, but does not really get down to articulating her visions.

So fours admire people who articulate beauty and dream about doing it themselves. A four can be quite idealizing of her partner, for instance, seeing all beauty in the other person. She may also hope to be discovered and passively wait for someone to come along and inspire her and believe in her so that she gets started.

Expressing beauty

Knowing that you are a four can help you become free. Understanding your pattern will make you see how idealizing beauty and passively waiting to be discovered, pushed and inspired, can keep you from being creative.

You will see through your tendency to stay in fantasy rather than taking action on your own behalf. You will realize that you are not lacking in creativity and discovere that you are precisely that which is obvious to others: Strong, self sufficient, hard working and persistent.

If you are a four the direction of integration is toward point one in the Enneagram. Your inner child aspect is one. This aspect is within you, you need only listen to it and let it guide you.

These are aspects of type one that are helpful for you:

– Assertiveness. Your inner one child is articulate about preferences. It will help you be more assertive and stand up for your rights. And not let yourself get hurt, harmed or taken advantage of in the name of the beauty of love and emotion.

– Action. The one energy of your inner child wants you to take action. It is into improvement, change, action, articulating physically.

– Self importance. A one is focused on her own actions and how they contribute to the good of humanity. She sees the bigger picture and takes herself seriously. This will also help you as a four to rediscover you own inner beauty.

Fours are looking for beauty and risk getting stuck in admiration of beauty as something outside of themselves. Or they may take such pride in their good taste and fantasies that they become like eternal teenagers.

As a four becomes freer she will turn her attention to the real source of beauty which lies within. Living and actively expressing that beauty gives her reason to live.

As one four put it: “When I realized I am indeed beautiful, I finally started to create beautiful things. My career took off from there”.

On an even deeper level a four will come to know that she is beauty itself, just like a two will know she is love, or a tree that she is value. Like different faces of Soul, of Being itself.



6 Responses to “Type 4”

  1. I am a four 🙂 this is the best enneagram site I have found.

    1. Thank you Anjelica! ❤ ❤

  2. molly Says:

    Very little information on the four compared to the other types….but good

    1. Ok thank you for feedback we will look into that <3!

  3. Marie Says:

    Yes, it is still really short compared to the the other type descriptions.

    1. Yes agreed we will look into that

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